About Us

Granite Forest Farm is a diversified, sustainable operation located in Campbellford, Ontario just east of the Trent River. At the farm, we adhere to sustainable agricultural practices and produce pasture raised animals, fruits, vegetables and herbs, fleece and wool and hand-made body products. Although this spring isn't going as planned (but does it ever?), we're still working hard at producing food for our community.

Our farm is bio-secure which means that we protect our land and livestock from the spread of pests and diseases. We also have a number of very large, livestock guardian dogs that patrol the farm and pastures in order to protect our livestock.Please don't just show up, contact us if you wish to visit the farm or purchase any of our products.


Both Laura and Derek grew up in farming communities in Ontario and Manitoba. They love the outdoors, animals, working up a sweat and getting their hands dirty. Taught at a very early age that anything worth doing, was worth doing right and that the right way is not always the easy way, they realized that farming would be one of their most difficult ventures. However, even with the incredible learning curve, it has also been extremely satisfying and they aren't going anywhere. 

Knowledge is power but sometimes it also brings a painful awareness. When we realized that much of what we were putting on, and in, our bodies was contributing to our ill-health as well the health of our planet, we decided to make a change. Starting with a dozen heritage chickens in 2013, we moved to making body products and then purchased a 100 acre farm in Campbellford, Ontario in 2014. Since our farm purchase we have filled the barns and pastures with sheep, cattle, goats, poultry and honeybees. We also wild harvest and produce our own food, milk and soap. A conscious effort is made to limit our waste and contribution to the local landfill.

What people say about our products

"I just cooked my first fresh turkey from this years stock and I have to say that not only was it juicy and full of flavour I got tonnes of compliments from our family. Thank you for providing beautiful organic meat from your family to mine!" -- Shawna, Bancroft

"We did a bulk order of meats and other treats from the farm. I was unsure about how to assemble my order, but Laura walked me through the steps very patiently and I had my goods in no time at all! We've had our first meal of sausages and they were a hit! Gobbled up quickly and deliciously tasty! We'll be back for sure!" -- Joanne, Mississauga

"Just picked up some late season flower honey today at the Maynooth market...AWESOME!" -- Michael, Maynooth

"How can you not love these people and their product? Honeys, candles, soaps, syrups are all outstanding!" -- Lisa, L'Amable